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Dr. Judith Long offers training in “Sacred Commerce”. 
Check schedule for upcoming trainings.

Sacred Commerce

The way of Aureiah Productions

Sacred_Commerce_TrainingSacred Commerce training has completely adjusted my existence in the world of work:  it enhanced my view of money, relationship, community, and myself.  Every day I practice giving up another complaint, and taking on a new commitment to gratitude.  I focus on living in the present, loving in the present, and being present in all that I do.  Let’s imagine what is possible for the world if all work environments could produce these kinds of results for people.  It would be a very different world.

I first heard the term “Sacred Commerce” while doing a training for the use of our chakra oils for the “Whole Body” personnel at the Whole Foods Market in Georgetown, near Washington, D.C.  I am forever grateful to Sandra for introducing me to this idea of intentional enterprise.  As an entrepreneur and seeker, I felt two of my passions – business and spirituality - kindled by the term “Sacred Commerce”.   Another of the terms that caught my attention was “merchant priests”, referring to a past and present lineage of “financial alchemists” transforming the world through dedication to intentional enterprise, “holy business”.  These words inspired me because this is the way “Aureiah Productions” has strived to present in the world.  Now we had a navigating tool.

With the rise of a merchant class, the Industrial Revolution, and the accumulation of wealth separate from church and state, money and materialism have monopolized the passion for our modern times.  We give obeisance in tall corporate towers and worship in mega-malls that dwarf our church spires in height and opulence.  Prayer, meditation, and yoga are no longer spiritual paths but “coping mechanisms”: for the tributes demanded by the high priests of advertising.

The indigenous tribes of the Amazon basin call us the “Termite People”.  We devour life with a consumptive gnawing while occupied by a world “out there” that leaves us ever hungry.  Our consumerism has inflated the ego mechanism, what Buddhists call the “hungry ghost”, into some kind of all-or-nothing game-show race to oblivion.  The human sacrifice of the ancient empires pales in comparison to the ignorance of turning our oxygen suppliers- our forests-into junk mail advertisements for air freshener.  What kind of culture jams the space on urinal disinfectants with pharmaceutical advertising?  Where is this line of worship taking us?  This study takes the view that the empty promise of materialism is now exposed and the game is up, and that the coming exorcism will require Sacred Community, Communion-and by that we mean love before appearances - is the antidote to our  spiritual, environmental, and social degradation.  For most of us, the pursuit of our livelihood occupies the majority of our attention.  Thus Sacred Commerce is a manual for building a spiritual community at the workplace.  The word ”spiritual” may alienate some of you, since a material god requires that we scoff at alternatives and doubt the practicality and sense of those who propose them.  Hence we use the word ”spiritual” in this context, we’re not advocating the adoption of another belief system, only an authentic willingness to look deeply into our lives and see where we are worshiping something other than the fundamental reality of Oneness.

Business is all about providing a service, product, or experience that the market wants.  No business can succeed eluding this point.  While ego pulls off the ultimate conjuring act – the subjective separate sense of “I”- we suggest that freedom from its aloneness is our heart’s desire.  Those in search of this ultimate well-being are a growing segment of modern society, and they are projected to soon constitute a trillion-dollar market identified by the acronym LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability).  Our Western culture is just starting to understand that life is an inside job and that our consciousness is the real present.  Our success with Aureiah Productions entails assisting others to lift their consciousness and fly on their own to their sacred life and sacred commerce.  Human beings, customers, and employees are ready to awaken and we all can make it our “business”.  This reality demands that we inquire into what possesses us as communities and as individuals; it asks that we be open to acquisition and occupation by Love.  “That’s a platitude!” your ego might protest.  We suggest, rather, that this is a foundation stone of a heart-based culture, one that is not only nnecessary to our human survival but all we’ve ever wanted!.

Aureiah Production is housed in “The House of Peace” in North Wales, Pa.  It is a lovely space situated on three acres of wooded paradise.

Judith can be reached at: drjudith@drjudithlong.com or 215-939-5495.



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