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Why I Gave Up Cooked Food and Meat

In 1996, while living in Australia and taking a Body Electronics Course, I discovered a lump in my left breast. I immediately called my Naturopath, Walter Last from Germany who was residing in Australia. He was teaching the Body Electronics class and a well know healer in Queensland. He said two things to me. “Don’t be afraid” and “come see me tomorrow. We will work this out”. Somehow I felt reassured. Upon seeing him I was instructed to go onto a raw food diet. I, being a metaphysician, was prepared to look at the recurring thought patterns that may have caused a rift in my consciousness, I was prepared to meditate and take myself above the problem. But, raw food?!? Ok, I had something new to learn. I respected Walter, so I did what he said. I immediately began to eat raw. We literally picked our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I moved into a house on his property where there was an organic vegetable garden, fruit trees and wheat grass. I began running meditation classes and healing my mind through my own form of inner child work.

After a few weeks I noticed an increase in energy. Here I was with cancer and I was feeling better than before. How could this be? Each 4 to 6 weeks I would go through a healing crisis where I would shed the unwanted physically. It would last for a few days and then I would feel better than before. This continued for about one year and in the end I was tumor free. It continuously shrunk until there was no tumor and I continuously felt better.

It has been 13 years and I am still a “raw foodist” and still cancer free. I love the way I feel. Consider biting into a perfectly sun-ripened peach, just plucked from a tree. This is the ideal way to eat – sensual, sexy and energizing. Preparing food that is creative, exciting, colorful and satisfying is the practice of a raw food cuisine. We may blend, chop and even dehydrate, but still the integrity of the product, specifically the nutrients and enzymes, remain intact. Eating food that is alive keeps you feeling alive.

What is Raw Food?

It is a diet comprising naturally grown wild or organically and sustainability raised fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and occasionally sprouted grains. Like vegans, raw foodists do not consume animal products of any kind (with the exception in many cases of honey and bee pollen). However, the raw food lifestyle goes further by excluding any foods with chemically processed or pasteurized ingredients. Finally, and most significantly, during the preparation of raw food dishes, nothing is cooked at least in the traditional sense. This may sound limiting to some. But for me the possibilities that exist within the raw food lifestyle are both boundless and thoroughly satisfying. When you are able to enjoy a simple bowl of sweet cherries, or a creamy avocado with a splash of lime juice and coarse sea salt, it is easy to imagine how a little creativity can make this food exciting. In fact, raw food has its own cuisine identity and it is very much a playful and inventive one. But, the real benefit of raw food, aside from great flavor, is the unbelievable way it makes you feel, inside and out. Living on raw food enables you to effortlessly shed not only excess physical weight, other, less tangible burdens are lifted.

For some, it’s that overall “unhealthy relationship” with food. For others, it’s the persistent and lingering fear of disease which we can begin to let go of with the reassurance of knowing that good health is our natural birthright and we are now armed to claim it. Further, there can be an indescribable happiness, along with the sense of communion, that comes from not eating animals anymore, being less taxing to the environment, and reducing the weight upon the medical community. In short, living in a way that lessens the burden on the rest of the world. But my transition to raw foods had nothing at all to do with animal rights or the environment. It was simply about wanting to heal my cancer. I had no idea about the bonuses that would come along with it, in particular the incredible increase in overall energy, somehow also accompanied by a greater sense of peace.

I understand now that every cell in our body has consciousness and lightening the burden of each cell creates a sense of well being throughout the mind as well as the body. Each month I will share some of the delicious recipes I have been fortunate enough to partake of. My intent here is to entice you to try this lifestyle for yourself before you become ill from the toxins and heaviness of cooked food and meat.


In order to prepare raw food and make it creatively interesting you will need to make a few one time investments. I am listing them for you. If you need assistance in finding the best equipment, please email me at drjudith@drjudithlong.com and I will help you.

Food Processor
Blender or Vita Mix


Judith can be reached at: drjudith@drjudithlong.com or 215-939-5495.



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