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Inner Child_Infant

Infant Inner Child

Infant: “I Am”

Age:  0 – 9 months
Developmental Polarity:  Trust vs. Mistrust
Resonates within the First Chakra
Pertains to all matters of Survival
Strength:  Hope
Power: Being
Relationship issues:  Healthy Narcissism; Healthy Co-dependence


In order to determine the state of your inner infant, consider the following questions.  Answer yes or no to them.  After you read each question, wait and get in touch with what you feel.  If you feel a stronger energy for yes, answer, yes – for no, answer no.  If you answer any questions yes, you can suspect that your wonderful, infant inner child has been wounded.  There are degrees of woundedness.  You are somewhere on a scale from one to a hundred.  The more questions you feel are to be answered yes, the more your infant self was wounded.

  1. Do you have or have you had in the past an ingestive addiction (overeating, overdrinking, or overdrugging)?

  2. Do you have trouble trusting your ability to get your needs met?  Do you believe you must find someone to meet them for you?

  3. Do you find it hard to trust other people?  Do you feel you must be in control at all times?

  4. Do you fail to recognize body signals of physical need?  For example, do you eat when you’re not hungry?  Or are you often not aware how tired you are?

  5. Do you neglect you personal needs?  Do you ignore good nutrition or fail to get enough exercise?  Do you go to a doctor or dentist only in an emergency?

  6. Do you have deep fears of abandonment?  Do you feel, or have your ever felt “desperate” because a love relationship ended?

  7. Have you considered suicide because a love relationship has ended (your lover has left you; your spouse filed for a divorce)?

  8. Do you often feel that you don’t truly fit in or belong anywhere?  Do you feel that people don’t really welcome you or want your presence?

  9. In social situations, do you try to be invisible so that no one will notice you?

  10. Do you try to be so helpful (even indispensable) in your love relationships that the other person (friend, lover, spouse, child, parent) cannot leave you?

  11. Is oral sex what you most desire and fantasize about?

  12. Do you have great needs to be touched and held?  (This is often manifested by your needing to touch or hug others often without asking them.)

  13. Do you have a continual and obsessive need to be valued and esteemed?

  14. Are you often biting and sarcastic to others?

  15. Do you isolate yourself and stay alone a lot of the time?  Do you often feel it’s not worth trying to have a relationship?

  16. Are you often gullible?  Do you accept others’ opinions or “swallow things whole” without thinking them through?

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Judith can be reached at: drjudith@drjudithlong.com or 215-939-5495.



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