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Read the meanings of each of the 8 Chakras, their importance,
and the essential oils which help to optimize them and to aid in the ascension process.

What is a Chakra?

The chakras are energy centers.  The word chakra means wheel.  The energy centers are called chakras because they spin in a vortex like a wheel.  There are 7 main chakras of the physical body located along the spinal column.  Universal energy enters the body at these 7 locations.  We utilize this energy for the health and well being of our body and mind.  As the energy enters the body through the chakras, it passes through the mental and emotional bodies of our aura.  When there is discordant energy in either of these bodies, the energy pathway is distorted causing the body at that point to receive limited energy.  This is the first cause of dis-ease.  We can assist by clearing, balancing and energizing the chakras causing a clear, full passage of energy to the body from the Universal Energy field.  Misguided thoughts and feelings cause the distortions and the chakras to be compromised.  This pulls them out of balance and blocks the free flow of energy.  In working with the chakras, I like to include the eighth chakra.  It represents our Higher self or soul energy.  I feel that the enhancement of this chakra opens one to the awareness of their higher self and beyond.

Utilizing our organic chakra oils at each location will clear and balance the chakra energy,  initiating a restoration of health and well being to the body, mind and emotions. The Spiritual energies are especially enhanced with our Eighth Chakra Lotus Oil.

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Judith can be reached at: drjudith@drjudithlong.com or 215-939-5495.



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