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The First Chakra
8th Chakra Activation
The 8th Chakra is the "Window to the Soul".
8th Chakra
Fresh_Water_PearlThrough this chakra we activate the Soul Purpose into physical form. At the level of the eighth chakra ,we are experiencing the Higher Consciousness qualities of Unconditional Love, Equality and Non-Judgment. By integrating all seven chakras of the body, and bringing them into full alignment, we experience a true sense of Unity, releasing the need for duality thinking. Union with our Essence Twin is experienced and True Oneness is felt when activating the energy of the Eighth Chakra.

Its' location is one open hand’s length above the head. The color is a pearlescent white. The aroma is that of the Lotus Flower. And the precious gem is Fresh Water Pearl. "As above, so below.", is the real potential of this chakra being fully open, balanced and energized.

Our oils are organic and powerful, each one originating from Australia. The advantage of using oils is that they continue working for hours after application, never have to be cleared and create a scent of well-being that you will very quickly grow to love.



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