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The First Chakra

7th ChakraWe have now worked our way up to the Crown (Seventh) Chakra.  This is not a destination or conclusion, but a rebirth, as we prepare for continual unfolding of new experiences.  This concept is represented by the chakra’s Sanskrit name, Sahasrara, meaning “thousandfold”.  Its’ symbol is a halo of a thousand white petals, synonymous with infinity, each one tuned to the highest states of consciousness.  Developing the other chakras was like walking on stepping stones taking us toward this ultimate goal – enlightenment, self-realization, fulfillment, and Divine Self.  The Crown Chakra further expands the concepts introduced by work on the Throat and Third Eye Chakras – communication and inter-connectedness with all things and all knowledge. 

When we awaken the Crown Chakra we are open to the possibilities of infinity of space and time and have the Divine wisdom and understanding with which to reap the benefits.  The Sahasrara is elementally linked with cosmic energy and thought – boundless and unrestricted by previous patterns.  Such a level abandons intellect to the power of passionate experience and “knowing”. No wonder that sages have described this state in terms of bliss, rapture, and ecstasy – when Goddess Kundalini, having awakened each chakra in turn, reaches this most regal of chakras.

Questions for the Seventh Chakra:

  1. Are you in a repeating pattern of thoughts and actions?
  2. Do you identify yourself by your financial status or your job?
  3. Do you believe that you can reach enlightenment?
  4. Are you aware of a Higher Presence Consciousness within you?
  5. Do you see a glimmer of God in your Essence?


  1. I tune into the union with my Higher Self.
  2. I connect with my Higher Self, lifting all limitations to my intelligence.
  3. I am choosing to transform my life and become truly free.
  4. I am an integral part of “All That Is”.  I am a spark of the Divine.
  5. I choose to live my life with love and I am contented in the knowing that “All is Well”
  6. I am a unique and unrepeatable one of a kind.  

Using Essential Oils to balance this chakra.

When the seventh chakra is too open or spins too fast we are psychotic or manic depressive, we have confused sexual expression, we’re frustrated and have a sense of unrealized power. When this chakra is blocked or spins sluggishly or not at all we are constantly exhausted, can’t make decisions and have no sense of “belonging”.

Aureiah_Productions_Essential_OilsAnoint this chakra with the 7th chakra essential oil each day.  It will help to balance thischakra. When this chakra is balanced we have a magnetic personality, we achieve “miracles” in life, we are transcendent and at peace with self.

Our oils are organic and powerful, each one originating from Australia.  The advantage of using oils is that they continue working for hours after application, never have to be cleared and create a scent of well-being that you will very quickly grow to love.


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