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The First Chakra

5th ChakraThe throat chakra is the first of the higher centers – associated with communication, self-expression, and creativity through sound.  The Sanskrit, Vishuddha – “Purification” – offers a clue to this type of communication not everyday chatter but purposeful thoughts and speech.  It is about personal expression combined with responsibility.  Developing the Throat Chakra means choosing words that bring value to communication.  A further implication of Vishuddha is that only by successfully working through the lower four chakras can you reach the purification necessary to open the Throat chakra, which resonates to the color blue in its less intense shades.

The Hundu symbol of Vishuddha is a lotus of 16 petals containing the Sanskrit vowels, thought to represent spirit.  Within the lotus is a triangle symbolizing speech and a full Moon and Airavata, the many-tusked elephant.  In addition to sound, this chakra is connected with hearing.  It is a sad fact that active listening is neglected today and we need to develop the outer ear before the subtle inner ear can be available to us.  Those who operate from the higher chakras frequently find the real message behind their words in not “heard”.  When the Throat Chakra is functioning, thought and speech slow down and communication is more considered.
When this chakra is too open or spinning too fast we are over-talkative, dogmatic, self-righteous, arrogant.

When this chakra is balanced, maintaining equilibrium and spinning at the correct vibrational speed we are good communicators, we are contented, we find it easy to meditate, and we are artistically inspired.

Questions for the Throat Chakra:

  1. Do you speak your mind or thwart what you want to say, fearing judgment?
  2. Would you spontaneously sing in public?
  3. How do you feel about expressing anger?  Have you tried journaling?
  4. Do you yearn to be heard?
  5. Do you notice that people cut you short or suddenly “have to go”.


  1. What I have to say is worthy of being listened to.
  2. I speak honestly and directly with compassion.
  3. I consider my thoughts before I say them.
  4. I listen to others with respect for their right to have an opinion.
  5. I am beginning to speak up for myself.
  6. I am growing stronger every day.

Using Essential Oils to balance this chakra.

Aureiah_Productions_Essential_OilsWhen it is blocked or spinning sluggishly or not at all we will hold back from self-expression, beunreliable, and we will hold inconsistent views. Anoint this chakra at the base of the neck each day with our fifth chakra essential oil.  It will clear and balance the throat chakra.

Our oils are organic and powerful, each one originating from Australia.  The advantage of using oils is that they continue working for hours after application, never have to be cleared and create a scent of well-being that you will very quickly grow to love.


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