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The First Chakra

3rd ChakraThe Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra is Manipura – “lustrous gem”. It resonates to yellow, like the Sun. The Hindu symbol for Manipura is the ten-petalled lotus. Within it is a downward –pointing triangle surrounded by three “svastikas”, symbolic of Fire. Also, often depicted is a ram, Agni, Hindu god of Fire – a transformational element essential to turn metal ores into beautiful objects. Change and movement relating to this chakra involves transforming the Self into a being of power and self–will. However, this kind of power has nothing to do with aggression or control. It it the power that acknowledges differences but transcends the challenges of polarity connected with the Sacral (Second) Chakra, to achieve a new point of balance. Working on this chakra helps to bridge differences to accomplish wholeness. This can be achieved on a personal level so that we don’t succumb to head ruling heart or our left, logical side of the brain overwhelming our creative, intuitive right side.

At a societal level, the Solar Plexus Chakra relates to our connection with others, but without the Rood Chakra’s reliance on the “tribe”, or the Sacral Chakra’s emphasis on partnerships. It is about the power to be an individual, to be unique, while celebrating our continuing connection with all humanity.

When this chakra is too open or spinning too fast we will be angry, controlling, a workaholic, judgmental and feeling superior. When it is blocked or spinning sluggishly or not at all we will be overly concerned with what others think, fearful of being alone, insecure, and needing constant reassurance.

Questions for the Third Chakra:

  1. How can you stretch your horizons today to enhance your personal power? Risk is the keyword here.
  2. Do something to move toward someone that brings up fear in you. Create a new relationship feeling about them.
  3. Are you true to yourself in your close relationships?
  4. Who do you admire as a strong, empowered person? How could you be more like them? Take a situation in your life that challenges you and ask yourself what would they do?
  5. Do you own your own anger? Do you express it in a responsible way?
    Is joy a state of being that you access regularly?


  1. I expand my personal power by taking a small risk today.
  2. I love and honor myself regardless of another’s opinion.
  3. I am deserving of real love and respect.
  4. I respond to my feelings in a self respecting way.
  5. Joy is always present for me to access.

Using Essential Oils to balance this chakra.

Aureiah_Productions_Essential_OilsAnoint this chakra at the solar plexus just below the rib cage daily with our third chakra essential oilto clear and balance it. When this chakra is balanced we respect ourselves and others, we have personal power, spontaneity and we are uninhibited.

Our oils are organic and powerful, each one originating from Australia.  The advantage of using oils is that they continue working for hours after application, never have to be cleared and create a scent of well-being that you will very quickly grow to love.


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