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The First Chakra

Chakra 1Located at the base of the spine between the anus and genitals, the first chakra is depicted as a four-petalled lotus flower encompassing a downward pointing triangle, set within a square.  Another name, the root chakra is concerned with physical needs and basic human survival.  It has the lowest vibrational rate of all the chakras, resonating to the color red.  The element Earth is represented by the square and the inverted triangle represents a downward movement of energy, which keeps us grounded to the Earth. There is a link between the Root Chakra and gravity, which constantly pulls us downward, connecting us to our material existence. 

In the physical body the root chakra is associated with the Adrenals.  They are trianglar shaped glands that cap each of the kidneys.  The adrenals secrete a variety of hormones including those that regulate the body’s metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and ones that control the balance of salt in our bodily fluids.  These glands also produce adrenalin, the hormone essential for our primitive “fight or flight” response, from which we can determine the link between this gland and the Root Chakra’s association with the issue of physical survival.

The First chakra is associated with physical security, stability, connectedness to the earth and earthly matters.  Our earliest experiences, including the extent to which our basic needs were met, or not, when infants, are recorded and stored in the first chakra.  The storage comes in the form of a message or tape that is running all the time.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, our emotional security comes from a sense of belonging.  This fundamental aspect of our psychological well-being relates to the Root chakra.

When this chakra is spinning too fast from excessive energy or it is too open we will experience ourselves engaged in physical foolhardiness, self-centered behavior, over materialistic thinking and bullying. When this chakra is blocked or spins sluggishly or not at all we will experience emotional neediness, low self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, fearful thinking and being the victim. 

One powerful way to balance this chakra is to anoint the chakra point with our first chakra oil.  It is in vibrational alignment with the correct frequency of the first chakra and by applying it to the chakra point will stimulate the energy of the first chakra to adjust it’s frequency. 

When this chakra is balanced, maintaining equilibrium and the correct vibrational speed, we will demonstrate self-mastery, high physical energy, groundedness, and healthy stamina.

Questions you can ask yourself to determine the health of your First Chakra:

  1.  Do I feel that I am at home here on planet earth?
  2.  Do I experience a sense of belonging with those around me?
  3.  Am I confident that my needs are being met?
  4.  Do I love my surroundings, making them my own?
  5.  Do I honor my body, giving it the nourishment, love and exercise that it  needs?

Affirmations for the First Chakra:

  1.  Planet Earth is my home.  I have a right to be here.
  2.  I create my surroundings to reflect the highest in me.
  3.  I take all the time I need to make sure my needs are met.
  4.  My body is the vehicle for my Spirit.  I take tender care of it.
  5.  I am one of a kind.  There has never been another me.  I am special and  unique.

The health of this chakra is related to our infancy and how our needs were met then.
Often time, we need to go back and heal the infant within in order to clear this chakra totally.  If you feel this pertains to you, please visit our section on Healing the Inner Child.

Using Essential Oils to balance this chakra.

Aureiah_Productions_Essential_OilsAnoint the chakra (place a drop of our 1st chakra oil on your finger and anoint the chakra at it’s point at the base of the spine) each day at least once for maximum results.  It is extremely effective to use our chakra meditation cd, “Living Energetically in Peace”, which takes you on a journey through the chakras giving you maximum healing potential for all 7 chakras. 

Our oils are organic and powerful, each one originating from Australia.  The advantage of using oils is that they continue working for hours after application, never have to be cleared and create a scent of well-being that you will very quickly grow to love.



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